Your Rights Matter In Estate Litigation/Will Contests

The end of your loved one's life should not be the beginning of a family conflict. If you have questions about the way your loved one's will, trust or larger estate plan is being handled after their death, you may need to act quickly.

Consider estate litigation to find answers to your questions. The lawyers at Ronald Fatoullah & Associates are respected throughout New York for representing our clients with care and consideration during the most difficult moments in their lives. We have successfully represented some of the largest estate litigation cases, including a recent estate valued at approximately $400 million.

Upholding Your Rights As A Beneficiary

You can be assured that we have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your rights as a beneficiary are upheld throughout the process. Whether you want to challenge the validity of an estate plan or defend your legitimate claims as a beneficiary of a trust; we will help provide you with a clearer picture of the landscape.

The time following the death of your loved one can be confusing both emotionally and financially. Use the tools available via estate litigation and trust litigation to answer your questions and uphold your rights.

Your Resource For Estate Litigation And Contested Wills

Put the elements of trust, respect and care on your side. Contact Ronald Fatoullah & Associates online today. Do not let the inconsiderate actions or inaction of someone else determine your rights and your future as a beneficiary. Do not wait until something has been done to an estate plan that you cannot undo.

Take advantage of your rights with guidance from our attorneys. Dial 1-877-ELDER-LAW to schedule an appointment at any one of our offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Great Neck or Cedarhurst.